It goes without saying that no project comes together without a team being involved. 

I enjoy using the phenomenal resources of Chelsea Harbour Design Centre and the Chelsea Quarter as my library.  My go-to design houses include GP & J Baker, Manuel Canovas, Larsen, Porta Romana, Jacaranda, Cole and Son, Osborne & Little and Chase Erwin.  Their diverse and extensive ranges allow me to include them time and time again in the luxury interior design projects shown in my portfolio, and provide me with exemplary service and back up.  I work with a select group of specialist trade professionals. Each of them knows the quality expected and understands the feel of every interior design that I’ve created – adding their opinion and expertise where needed to ensure the overall project runs as seamlessly as possible.  I’m fortunate to enjoy a great working relationship with furniture designer Nathan Kingsbury who will take my initial vision of how a home bar, entire kitchen or bespoke piece of furniture needs to look and collaborate with me to create a functional and beautiful interior.

Last but not least, working with the talented team at Teralon Media has enabled me to show you a small selection of the interior design projects that I’ve completed in recent years.

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