The brief: Transform a very large garden room into the ultimate party room with a bar, dance floor, games tables and home cinema.

What a wonderful project to work on! The first thing to address was the layout, since the room had to perform three functions and be flexible enough to adapt for large parties – whether for our clients and their friends or their teenage children.

The TV and ceiling projector were already in place and this location was kept, allocating one third of the overall area to the home cinema experience. We then allocated a further third to the bar and dance floor, and the remaining third for the games tables. The very large bay lent itself perfectly to a pair of feature chairs from Julian Chichester which we covered in an olive green velvet. This is a lovely place to read during the day or enjoy a drink from the bar in the evening.

The focus when you enter the room is the completely bespoke hemispherical bar trimmed with brushed brass and topped with antique mirror. We worked with local designer Nathan Kingsbury to ensure this gave the wow factor. To complement the bar and complete this area we sourced a fabulous bright orange leather from Kravet which was used to upholster six bar chairs.

Beautiful double sided curtains were made from an Osborne and Little graphic patterned silk visible from the bar. However when they are closed the vibrant orange velvet on the reverse side creates the true cinema experience when sitting on the huge sofa. In this part of the party room we went to town with custom made cushions, ottomans in metallic hide and cream leather chairs from Nicholas Haslam. A very dark ceiling, specialist lighting system and glitter balls completed the scheme. The project was finished just in time for a Christmas party for 100 guests!